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  • What’s New?

    • It’s that time of year again! The Services will need to go through their appropriate channels to nominate their Exceptional SARC for 2017! The signed memo and submission guidelines are available for download here.

    • DoD SAPRO has announced the 2017 SAAPM Theme: "Protecting Our People Protects Our Mission."This theme offers numerous opportunities to deliver messages that relate to both the individual and unit level. Each Service member -- regardless of grade -- can encourage behaviors that foster a climate of dignity and respect, and in doing so, help ensure our readiness to complete the Department's mission.

    • The Department recently released the "Plan to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Assault of Military Men." Find the plan here.

    • The Department recently released the DoD Retaliation Prevention and Response Implementation Plan, which details how DoD and the Military Services, to include the National Guard Bureau (NGB), will execute tasks in the identified issue areas and institutionalize a comprehensive and consistent approach to retaliation prevention and response across the Department related to reports of sexual assault and complaints of sexual harassment. Moving forward, the Military Services will align their Service retaliation prevention and response strategic policies and plans with the RPRS and this implementation plan.

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    The Department is committed to being a national leader in preventing and responding to sexual assault.

    DoD and each of the military Services have issued policy to assure compliance with our mission and the rule of military law. DoD Directive 6495.01 establishes the broad policy parameters of the SAPR Program for the Department.

    Check out the Policy webpage on for information and resources on SAPR policy.


    Want to better understand SAPR policy? Download the Policy Summaries.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is a dependent victim (17 or younger) sexually assaulted by a non-family member or non-custodial perpetrator, covered by SAPR policy? (Ex: 15-year-old dependent sexually assaulted by a neighbor or a 15-year-old classmate)

    No. Per DoDI 6495.02, Applicability (a)(3) only military dependents 18 and older who are eligible for treatment in the Military Health System, and who were victims of sexual assault perpetrated by someone other than a spouse or intimate partner are covered under the SAPR program. The SARC will refer to the Family Advocacy Program (FAP). While FAP covers children who are sexually assaulted by a parent of caregiver, per DoDI 6400.01, Family Advocacy Program, February 13, 2015, page 2, subsection "e", It is policy to "[p]rovide appropriate resource and referral information to persons who are not covered by this instruction, who are victims of alleged child abuse or domestic abuse."

    Does the Case Management Group (CMG) Chair have to be a military member?

    Yes. Per DoDI 6495.02, the intent that the CMG Chair be a military member is expressed in the use of the language "installation commander" or "deputy installation commander" as having the responsibility to chair the CMG. The DoDI 6495.02 use of the "installation commander or deputy installation commander" stands on the assumption that these billets are occupied by military members.

    However, the DoDI 6495.02 recognizes there are instances where the billet of “Chief of Staff” serves as the “deputy installation commander” and that the Chief of Staff may be a civilian. In the latter situation, if the Chief of Staff possesses the requisite authorities associated with the billet, then they are in compliance with the DoDI 6495.02 intent. Looking at it from a policy perspective, the most important variable is the ability for the CMG Chair to direct, through authority, the "action" of stakeholders in those instances a victim of sexual assault is not getting the care/support they need.

    Does DoD SAPRO decide which SARC has access to DSAID?

    No. Access into DSAID is determined at the Service SAPR Headquarter level per the Service SAPR policy. Inquiries regarding access to DSAID should be directed to the Service SAPR Headquarters.

    Does the CMG automatically transfer when a victim is granted an Expedited Transfer?

    No. Whether or not the CMG transfers in an Expedited Transfer depends on two variables. First, the victim receiving the Expedited Transfer must elect to continue to receive the SAPR advocacy services of a SARC or SAPR VA at the new installation. Second, there is an ongoing criminal investigation and legal proceeding at the prior installation.

    • If the victim wants continued advocacy services, then the CMG generally transfers with the victim, unless there is a special reason to keep the CMG at the original location.
    • If the victim declines ongoing advocacy, but the criminal case is ongoing, then the CMG remains at the original location.
    • If there are no continuing advocacy services requested and the criminal case is closed, then there are no further CMGs.
  • CEU Credits Event Date Time Location
    DoD Safe HelpRoom Male Survivor Session 15 Feb 2017 0100-0300 Safe HelpRoom
    SAPR Connect Webinar with DEOMI: “Going Beyond the DEOCS Report” 16 Feb 2017 1400-1530 Virtual via SAPR Connect
    DoD Safe HelpRoom Male Survivor Session 22 Feb 2017 0700-0900 Safe HelpRoom

    This symbol denotes events that offer continuing education unit (CEU) hours that can be used for renewing your DoD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP) credentials.

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