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Men's SAPR Campaign

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The Men’s SAPR Campaign focuses on sexual assault experienced by male Service members. It addresses the personal impact and negative effects on readiness and unit cohesion when sexual assaults occur. The campaign also provides vital education and access to important resources to both SAPR professionals and victims of sexual assault. The campaign is an initiative developed based on the "2016 DoD Plan to Prevent and Response to Sexual Assault of Military Men"

All Service members deserve to work and live in a respectful, inclusive environment while serving our nation. While this campaign is focused on sexual assault of male Service members, it is inclusive of all Service members affected by sexual assault or at higher risk of sexual violence.  This includes the experiences of women, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ Service members.

The campaign acknowledges Courage can take many forms. Coping and surviving with the aftermath of sexual assault takes Courage. The willingness to acknowledge the benefits of seeking available help and resources reflects Courage. There is Courage in moving through the healing process and finding your unique path to recovery. Courage is evident when a friend or loved one steps forward and offers to help. There is Courage in maintaining a command climate that prevents, responds to, and supports Service members who are affected by sexual assault or at higher risk of sexual violence. Courage helps us start over despite doubts and worries. We honor all these forms of Courage.

Powerful acts of Courage can fuel change.

Campaign Materials

A variety of multimedia materials are now available that provide standardized messaging, share important resources, and promote ongoing discussions on this important issue.

  • Campaign Announcement

    The DoD Sexual Assault Prevention Response Office (SAPRO) is launching an outreach campaign with a series of videos and print materials focused on sexual assault experienced by male Service members.

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  • Poster Series

    Posters for high-traffic areas to create awareness and provide easy access to campaign videos

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  • Brochure

    Brochures for distribution in high-traffic areas provide more in-depth information

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  • Wallet Cards

    Wallet cards are easily distributed and carried to provide key information

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