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Multimedia content is in constant development. Look to featured video and audio for sexual assault-related releases.

DoD Videos

img_wmv_icon.png(Video) DoD SAPRO Director’s Message – October, 2017
SAPRO Director RADM Ann Burkhardt provides a message on the importance of ensuring excellence in victim advocacy and sexual assault prevention.

img_wmv_icon.png(News Report) DoD Releases Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Directives - Dec. 4, 2014
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says efforts to address sexual assault in the military are showing progress, but more still needs to be done. (00:59)

img_wmv_icon.png(Press Conference) DoD Releases FY13 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military - May 1, 2014
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and DoD SAPRO Director, Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Snow and SAPRO Senior Executive Advisor, Dr. Nathan Galbreath briefed the Pentagon Press Corps regarding the release of the Department’s Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military. (48:25)

img_wmv_icon.png(News Report) DoD Addressing Sexual Assault on Multiple Fronts – Apr 9, 2014
DoD SAPRO Director, Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Snow was interviewed by Armed Forces Press Service about its multi-pronged approach for addressing the crime of sexual assault in the military. (01:13)

img_wmv_icon.png(Briefing) DoD SAPRO Director, Maj Gen Jeffrey Snow, Sexual Assault Awareness Month Message – Apr 3, 2014
DoD SAPRO Director, Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Snow addressed leaders and troops at Fort Belvoir. His April Sexual Assault Awareness Month remarks focused on the 2014 “Live Our Values: Step Up to Stop Sexual Assault” message for all Service members. (15:19)

img_wmv_icon.png(PSA) Secretary Hagel and Gen Dempsey, Sexual Assault Awareness Message – Apr 1, 2014
Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Martin Dempsey provided a Sexual Assault Awareness Month video message. (01:16)

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